The perfect foundation?

Finding the right foundation to suit your skin can be one of the most difficult things when it comes to makeup. If any of you have combination skin, oily in the T-zone and a bit dryer on the cheeks, then you’ll understand the pain of trying to find a foundation that works for all the areas of the face. In most cases I’ll find a foundation that works perfectly on the oily areas but just emphasises the dry patches. I’ve searched for a long time to find my perfect foundation that works for me. The product that I’ve been enjoying lately is Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting Foundation. I love Clinique’s skincare products so I had big expectations when it came to this!

This product is a two-in-one foundation and concealer that claims to give ‘moderate to full coverage and a natural-matte finish’. it also claims to ‘cover thoroughly with a lightweight feel and lasts all day’. I agree with most of this except it being lightweight as I feel the texture is quite heavy on the skin but that could just be me as I don’t wear foundation a lot.applicator.jpg

What makes this foundation different to the ones I’ve tried before is the applicator that comes with it as it helps you to apply the foundation, I usually dap around 8-10 spots of the product over my face or when using it to conceal blemishes and black bags under the eyes but the applicator does not help to blend the foundation. To blend I’ve been using a stipple brush as I feel it gives me the best finish and control when using the brush but I recently bought a beauty blender and I wish I bought this sooner! I use it with the NYX matte finish setting spray to dampen the sponge. I usually use the product to conceal any blemishes I have and for the darkness under my eyes. It’s the only concealer that I’ve used that hides imperfections, lasts all day and doesn’t dry out the skin. 

The only problem I have with the product is the choice of colours and shades. When I bought this the lady at the Clinique counter explained that the lightest shade they used to have was ’02 Alabaster’ so myself and other who have pale skin wouldn’t have been able to use it, they’ve now brought out two more lighter to help us pale skinned girls! For people of colour the shade range is better than the majority of brands I seen in Boots but I definitely think the choice could be better. My advice would be that if would like to try this product then you should go to a Clinique counter and ask for a sample and for them to help choose your shade as they do seem to appear darker on the skin.

Overall, this a really good foundation and an amazing concealer. It’s a wee bit on the dear side as it costs £25 from Boots but a little goes a long way as I’ve had this for four months and have only used a third. I would most likely repurchase this to mainly use as a concealer as the coverage is the best I’ve ever had from a concealer. As a foundation it is a bit on the heavy side but definitely the best foundation I’ve tried so far!

Have you found your perfect foundation yet?

The perfect foundation?

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