Roma, Italia

This has been my first post in ageeeeeees and the reason why I haven’t been here is because I was studying abroad in Malta for four months. Studying abroad was absolutely amazing; it gave me the opportunity to meet some incredible people who I’ll be friends with for a long time and it has made me more independent. Visiting Rome was the only other place in Europe that I visited while I was in Malta. I wish I had more time and the money to see other places but going to Rome was more than enough!img_2142

We stayed in the Yellow Hostel in the city centre and I would a 100% recommend to stay there. The hostel owned the cafe across the road which also doubled as the pub/nightclub in the evening. The atmosphere in the place was so good and it made life easier for us as we didn’t need to find a place to go to and it was just across the road so we didn’t need worry about getting back to the hostel.

The first place we visited in Rome was the Colosseum, while we were on the tour bus we just turned the corner and out of nowhere the Colosseum appeared. It was a bit overwhelming because I knew how unbelievable it was in pictures but to see it in real life was unreal. img_2158However I would advice that if you know that you’re going to the Colosseum the next day that you don’t go out the night before. Being rough and climbing the amount of stairs in the Colosseum is not fun at all. It was just mind-blowing to think that this was built like 2,000 years ago and how much detail had went into the actual building. Such an amazing place to see.

We then walked around the city for a bit and got food. However the only thing I was disappointed about in Rome was the food which is strange because Italian food img_2285is supposed to be unreal. Maybe we didn’t pick the best places, we just went to eat at places that were close to the┬áhostel so it was easier. We then went to Sephora which I was dying for because the weekend we went was Black Friday weekend so the amount of discounts and sales was a bit overwhelming. I was so tempted to buy the Too Faced Christmas in New York gift set but I decided against it and just got a few cloth masks and a mascara.

After that we went a wee walk to find ice cream and the Trevi Fountain. The Trevi Fountain was actually so beautiful and the picture I have doesn’t do it justice. It was near to impossible to get a good picture or get close to the fountain due to the amount of people that were there but I was having those Lizzie img_2269McGuire feels!

The next day we went to the Vatican as we couldn’t have came all the way to Rome without seeing the Pope. It was so strange to think that the Vatican City is the smallest country in the world. Personally, the whole experience of being in the Vatican was a bit overwhelming. When you’re walking through the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel you are constantly looking at the ceiling because of theimg_2240 incredible and intricate paintings. It was without a doubt one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been too. I got my granny a Christmas bauble and a Pope Francis pendant thing for her birthday and she was so delighted with them mainly for the fact they were from the Vatican.

Rome was such a beautiful and lively city to visit but when we were travelling to the hostel from the airport it did look a bit on the run down side and there was graffiti everywhere you looked. I would definitely come back to Rome for the hostel and the party side of things but now I’ve seen the touristy side of things I wouldn’t feel the need to go on anymore tour buses or go to museums. However, if I ever go back to Italy the places to see would be Milan, Venice and Pompeii.

Hopefully I’ll find the time to post more updates!

love, Nicole x






Roma, Italia

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