How much do you know about cruelty free cosmetics?

So, I have now finished my third year of university, if I pass my assignments, and I now have more time on my hands to do some more writing! I thought I would do a post about animal testing and my own ignorance to fact that just because animal testing is banned in the European Union it doesn’t mean that all companies don’t test on animals. Some people may not be fully aware of what brands do test on animals as I feel that the majority of them don’t want to answer the question directly, so it can be a bit confusing to understand. Hopefully this post can help you find cruelty free cosmetic brands and develop a better understand on this topic!

I thought that because cosmetic testing on animals is banned in the EU then technically these products have not been tested on animals which is a fair statement to make. However, to be cruelty free you must acknowledge a companies worldwide stance on animal testing if you want to be cruelty free. For example if a company sells their products in China then by law their products must be tested using horrific experiments on mostly rabbits and mice.

The easiest way to discover if a company tests on animals is to read their Frequently Asked Questions as animal testing is such a big issue now that all brands have their stance in their FAQ.

Here we have the stance on animal testing from Estée Lauder and when you start reading the sentence it may appear that they are cruelty free. However the ‘except when required by law’ shows that they sell to countries, like China,  that need to carry out horrific tests before any of their products can be sold. As you can see they state that they want to see an end to testing but they give the impression that they are more concerned about their sales so I can’t see them making progress on this issue.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 18.11.56

Next we have an explanation to why some brands feel there can be an exception. Here MAC tries to explain why they think there can be an exception to put animals through unimaginable pain. I can be said that MAC, along with Estée Lauder, seem to care more about the profits of the Chinese market rather than protecting animals from tests.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 18.13.30

With those examples if you check a companies FAQ and they talk about an exception then they do unfortunately test on animals, if a company is shady with the way they answer and don’t give a genuine answer then it’s highly likely that they test on animals. If you read the FAQ are still not sure then check some cruelty free blogs to see their research, here are my favourites;

I’m thinking of also writing up a post on the issue of parent brands that own cruelty free brands and how this can be seen as not being completely free. Now that I’m finished with uni for a wee while I can post my favourite cruelty free cosmetics, haircare and skincare!

until next time,

Nicole x

*featured image from Ethical Elephant

How much do you know about cruelty free cosmetics?

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