The face mask everyone needs in their life

Everyone loves a bit of Lush and I’m no exception. I’ve been so amazed by their products, their charity work and their ethos. Lush stands for human rights, animal rights and environmental projects to name a few. They are also a 100% committed to ending animal testing and their ingredients are all suitable for vegetarians with loads being vegan friendly too!

I love the fact that this is both a face mask and an exfoliator. You leave it on for the 15 minutes to gain the benefits of the ingredients for softer skin. Then rub the mask in to have the coffee grinds gently exfoliate the skin.    

Now, I have far too many favourite products from Lush, I’ll probably do a post on them soon, but the Cup O’ Coffee face mask is definitely up there in the top 5! It’s an exfoliation mask made with ground coffee, cocoa extract and vanilla to name a few, it has such a lovely coffee smell which I could understand as being too much for some people. The coffee ingredients definitely have a wakening effect just like freshly made coffee! I bought the 150g tub, which costs £6.95, a couple of months ago and with using it once a week, there’s still just under half of the product left. 

All of the ingredients in this face mask are natural with the exception of perfume which Lush describe as being a gentle perfume.  

My advice would be that if you want to use this mask then I would suggest that you do so on a hair-washing day as it can get pretty messy. It isn’t an easy mask to take of when you try and take it off over the sink, it gets all over the place and in your hair, and it’s not a good sight. Putting the mask on say 15 minutes before your shower to get it settle for a bit and then message it off making sure the coffee grounds exfoliate your skin. I would image the best time to use this would be in the morning before work or school as the coffee will make you feel more awake however I’m too lazy for that carry on in the morning! 

The consistency is quite thick and you don’t need a lot as it covers really well. As you can see it is full of coffee grinds that help to exfoliate the skin. 

I have oily skin in the T-zone area, normal cheeks and slight dryness in the under eye area so you can image the struggle I have with trying to find a product that works in all areas. Cup O’ Coffee is honestly the best thing I’ve used on my skin, it helps keep the oils at bay, keep my cheeks soft and takes away the dead skin from the under eyes. You don’t need much product at all and I’m still shocked at how much I’ve been using it and how much I have left!  

I would encourage anyone to try this product, as it’s just perfect. It combines the two of my loves – coffee and skincare, no wonder it’s a 5 star rated product! 


Nicole x

The face mask everyone needs in their life

2 thoughts on “The face mask everyone needs in their life

  1. LP says:

    I love lush, but never tried one of their masks. I have been hearing a lot about them recently, so I will definitely be checking out this coffee mask soon!

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