REVIEW of the Sweet Peach palette six months on

thumbnail_FullSizeRender-3I think we can all agree that the launch of the Sweet Peach collection by Too Faced was one of the most anticipated make up releases of 2016. The collection was a follow up to the first launch of the Sweet Peach palette in March of 2016, the Sweet Peach family grew when the second launch in December came as lip glosses, blushers, bronzers and highlighters with the peachy scent were added to the collection. I bought the palette which was £39 and the glow kit at £34, I’ll do a review on the glow kit later on but for this post it will just focus on the Sweet Peach palette.

I feel like I was caught up in the hype when this came about and just wanted to get my hands on the palette due to all the attention that it was getting. I would say that I can cope quite well when it comes to the pressure that surrounds buying the latest makeup as I’ve yet to cave in to Kylie Cosmetics and Jeffree Star Cosmetics. However, the Sweet Peach launch was something that completely engulfed me and I knew I had to get something from the collection. I’m totally sold on the cute peachy packaging and the fact that the Too Faced eyeshadows smell so amazing! thumbnail_FullSizeRender-4

On to the review… 

When the palette first got delivered I honestly couldn’t stop randomly opening the palette and smelling it! This was the exact same thing that I did when my Semi-Sweet palette arrived too. Now £39 is definitely on the expensive side when it comes to palettes and I’m not too sure if I regret paying that myself. You’re getting 18 shadows in total which works out at 0.95g for each pan and £2.20 when you take the money aspect into consideration. When the price is divided down like that it seems a bit more reasonable as a Makeup Geek eyeshadow pan weighs 1.8g and costs £4.95, so this shows that the Too Faced shadows work out a bit cheaper.

I feel like you’d be getting the most for your money if you actually liked all the shades in the palette. I think this is why the palette is such a hit or a miss between many people as there has been a huge amount of mixed reviews about the colour choice and how there is not a lot of peach shades for a peach palette. thumbnail_IMG_3007Personally, I see what they’re done to incorporate the non peach shades; purples for a bruised peach, the browns for the stalk and then the green shades for the leaves. Sadly, despite being beautiful and pigmented colours, I’ve not been feeling the purples or the greens and to be honest I’ve not touched a third of the shadows in this palette which is a bit of a shame.

The colours in this palette that I’ve been using the most is definitely that of Just Peachy, Candied Peach and Bellini as I’m so drawn to the peachy colours as it’s what unique to this palette. The matte shades of Summer Yum and Puree are also gorgeous shades that I’ve been using when I’ve not been feeling the peachy look. Swatches on the picture on the right, from top to bottom; Just Peachy, Candied Peach, Bellini and Summer Yum. These are my favourite shades from the whole palette, I have to say that the quality of the shimmers are superior in comparison of that of the mattes.

I do have a bit of a complaint about the packaging, it is a beautiful ombré pattern with the Sweet Peach logo on it. My thinking was because it’s in a tin packaging it would be perfect for travelling and would hold up against the battering it would take while it would be in my bag but that didn’t seem like the case. The case, as you can see below, has become a bit squint from opening which is confusing as I have the Semi-Sweet palette and it’s in perfect condition, maybe I just had a bad patch…. for £39 you would think you’d be paying for better quality of packaging.

thumbnail_FullSizeRender-5So was it worth it…

Despite not using a third of this palette I do really love the quality and pigmentation of the lighter peachy and brown shades. I do however grudge the £39 plus shipping and customs I payed for it when I could have got similar colours from Makeup Geek but that sweet peach smell won us over! It is a gorgeous palette but I’m pretty sure I could live without it if I got the dupes for my favourite shades, I’ve noticed that I’ve not been reaching for it the same as when I first got it. I do prefer my Semi-Sweet palette over this as I feel like it’s more me and I can get more looks about of it. So if you don’t think you’ll like all the shades then I would advise you to stick to the peachy single pans and not be won over by the scent like I did!

Save ya money!


Nicole x


REVIEW of the Sweet Peach palette six months on

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