How to cope with having oily and hooded eyes

If you have both oily and hooded eyes then you’ll know the struggle of trying to make your eyeshadow look good, last long and not crease too bad in the hood of the eye. It’s one of the biggest challenges that I have when doing my makeup and my hooded eyes do bother me a bit but I’ve been testing out some products and techniques that I’ve found to actually work! People who are lucky enough to not have either hooded or oily eyelids can use this technique too as I feel it’ll help with the duration of your eye look.


The two products that I’ll be using in this blog post are both from Beauty Bakerie, these are the first products I’ve used from this company and I’m so impressed! Cream eyeshadows are really popular especially for a base and Beauty Bakerie’s Eyescream in the shade Pancake is a perfect match for my skin tone. When this arrived the only thing I was a bit surprised about was how small the jar was in person. I apply the cream eyeshadow with my finger as the product seems to melt into a creamy consistency with the heat from my finger which makes it much easier to blend on the lid. Pancake is such a perfect colour for me but if you have a deeper complexion then Beauty Bakerie have darker shades such as ‘Crumb Cake’ and ‘Bakers Tan’.

IMG_2902 copyThe eyeshadow literally only takes seconds to try down to a tacky feel which is great for helping your shadows to pop and stay put for during the day. I feel like Eyescream would be the perfect base for everyone but due to the fact of my high levels of oiliness I have to put in another step. I like to set that with Beauty Bakerie’s Flour which is their setting powder which I have in the translucent shade. A little goes a long way with this product as you just need the tiniest amount as the eyes are a very delicate area no matter how oily they are it’s not a good idea to cake on products. I personally like to take the powder on a fluffy blending brush to distribute the product over the eyelid , this may not be right but it works best for me. I feel like this technique could work with other products but Beauty Bakerie’s products are unreal in terms of their durability so I would highly recommend them.

Beauty Bakerie are getting the recognition they deserve for being an amazing cruelty free brand with high quality products that do not budge from morning to evening. They are famed for their products not moving as their tag line is #whatsmudge and trust me you’ll not be getting any oiliness shining through when you use this powder! I hope to try more of their products in the future as I feel they’ll just be as high quality as these!

I hope this post was helpful,

take care,

Nicole x

You can get free shipping on Beauty Bakerie products using my link with their shipping I managed to dodge custom charges, so I’m hoping the luck doesn’t wear out anytime soon!

How to cope with having oily and hooded eyes