So I thought this would be quite a good post to make as I’ve seen a lot of my favourite YouTubers have anti-hauls of products that they are not going to buy. The anti-haul trend started with YouTuber Kimberly Clark who basically made videos of beauty products that she had no desire to buy. The layout of this post will probably be a bit more boring as I don’t have any pictures of the products as I don’t want to buy them but I hope you enjoy this post!

All companies that still test on animals

It’s now 2017 and there’s still a large amount of companies that will put animals through excruciating pain just to make money on their products mainly due to wanting to sell in the Chinese market. I’ve completely changed my makeup collection to be cruelty free so brands like Benefit, L’Oréal, Estée Lauder, MAC and many more will have no place in my makeup bag.

Mink Lashes

Sticking with the cruelty free theme to remind you all that Mink lashes are not cruelty free at all. The minks might not be killed for their fur but they are kept in incredibly cruel conditions in battery cages just for the production of their fur. There’s nothing that annoys me more when companies like Huda Beauty sell their Mink lashes as being cruelty free when this is just not the case as Minks are not friendly animals and the only way to get their fur is by keeping them in these horrific conditions.

Morphe Products

I keep seeing Morphe palettes everywhere and they do seem to be quite reasonably priced however after watching Stephanie Nicole’s very informative video on the brand I feel like it is quite shady. I also don’t trust influencers who have discount codes with Morphe, I understand that they need to make money but I feel like they are just saying the product is amazing due to being given money from Morphe themselves. I just don’t have a good feeling about the brand, I feel like the focus is mostly on influencers and gaining publicity than their products.

Kylie Cosmetics

I’ve never bought anything from Kylie Cosmetics and I don’t see myself buying from them in the future. I feel like the products are overhyped and to be honest all you are doing is paying for Kylie’s name. I’ve watched some YouTubers review the products and have commented on the poor customer service that is associated with the company, this just strengthens my point of the company not actually caring about the customers but mainly just caring for profit. I read that Kylie’s products are very similar to that of ColourPop’s where the price is a fraction of the $29 that Kylie charges. Both Kylie Cosmetics and ColourPop are American based brands where if you’re buying internationally will be subject to expensive shipping and customs fees. My advice would be to save yourself a bit of money and get the ColourPop alternative as their products are amazing for the price!

Huda Beauty – Textured Shadows Palette – Rose Gold Edition 

I’m sure a lot of you have seen the mixed reviews that this palette has been given throughout the beauty community. It’s a very expensive palette, retailing at £56, and I really can’t spend that money on a palette that has mixed reviews and that doesn’t stand out from the crowd. I feel like the colours are so similar to that of the Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills and I’m so in love with that palette that I have no need to buy one that is £56. I’m also not a fan of the textured shadows having to be applied with your fingers because if you’re paying this amount of money you expect the product to perform well with a brush, if you’re going on a night out you don’t want to use your fingers to apply your makeup. I feel like the palette is so overpriced for what you’re actually getting.

BECCA x Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m so over brands coming out with countless collaborations with celebrities. I feel like they’re more interested in the exposure that comes with the celebrity’s fan base rather than the actual product. The palette is actually very pretty but not pretty enough for me to fork out £45 on it. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative I would recommend the Sleek highlighter palettes and the Makeup Revolution contour palette which is only around £3.

I’m sure they’re will be more to add to this list as the months go on with more makeup releases and controversies. I hope you enjoyed this post as it’s a wee bit different that usual.

Until next time,

Nicole x


Lush Haul

img_2599So I promised myself that when my student loan came in this month I wouldn’t spend it on unnecessary stuff yet here we are with a post on all the things I bought from Lush. I told myself that I needed to revamp my skincare routine due to not looking after it as well as I should’ve when I was in Malta, so I suppose the spending was justified! I spent around £53 including postage and packaging. Some of these products I’ve used before and had to get again, some are products that are raved about by YouTubers and I had to try for myself. I apologise for the poor quality of the following pictures x




Imperialis facial moisturiser (£13.95/45g) – this is a repurchase as I first used this a couple of years ago and I loved it! I have oily /combination skin and was having trouble finding a moisturiser that didn’t make my t-zone even oilier. It is very lightweight which I find to be perfect for oily skin and it is there to balance and brighten your skin. It is suitable for all skin types so I would definitely recommend if you do not know your skin type or new to Lush moisturisers.    
Tea Tree Water (£4.50/100g) – this is another repurchase and a firm favourite of mine! I either use this sprayed onto a cotton pad to take off my makeup or just sprayed straight onto the face as it feels so refreshing. Tea Tree is antibacterial so it will keep your skin clean and clear. This was probably one of the very first products I bought from Lush like 6 years ago and I’ve not got a bad thing to say about it. I could not recommend this enough to anyone who was oily or spot prone skin.
Aqua Marina (£7.25/100g) – when I was looking to buy a new cleanser I was aiming to buy Herbalism but unfortunately it was out of stock so I decided to try this. It has seaweed in it which is supposed to absorb any extra oils on the face. There’s also Irish Moss in it which apparently helps to add extra minerals to the skin. The only thing that’s putting me off is the smell, to me it smells a bit like hair dye but I’ll give it a try.
Cup O’Coffee (£6.75/150g) – I have heard and seen so many amazing things about this mask! I usually buy the wee fresh mask but they need to kept in the fridge and only last around a week. This has a longer shelf life and has coffee beans in it for extra exfoliation. I’m probably most excited to try this!
Veganese (£9.95/250g) – I’m a bit more harder to please when it comes to the hair products from Lush. I have really thick frizzy hair and I feel my hair needs a lot of conditioner but the prices of the conditioners are a bit on the dear side. I thought I’d give the conditioners a try again as said it would have your transformed into a ‘more manageable mane’ which is what I’m needing in my life. It also claims to make you hair soft and helps to calm and sooth your scalp.
Jason and the Argan Oil shampoo bar (£5.95/55g) and Square Tin (£2.95) – I love the shampoo bars from Lush! I bought one for going to Malta and it lasted the full 4 months I was abroad, honestly unreal. I do find that the square tins are better as the actual shampoo bar tins are too small for the bar to fit in it. I would recommend buying a tin with it as you’ll get more uses out of it. The shampoo bar claims to give you shinier and softer hair but it smells like rose jam so that’s what sold me! 

Hope this post was a bit helpful as I can totally understand that choosing stuff from Lush can be a wee bit overwhelming due to the choice available.

Until the next post,

Nicole x


Lush Haul